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FAQs About Walk-Through Consultations

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Blog

To say that 2021-2022 has been a challenging time for Nashville-area home buyers would be a massive understatement. In a real estate market with unprecedented buying pressure, soaring prices, shrinking inventory, and rising interest rates, getting a home under contract is by itself a significant accomplishment. To be competitive, some buyers are choosing to, or in some cases, are being forced to buy houses without home inspection contingencies or on an “as-is” basis.

As a long-time home inspector, I fear that more than a few of these buyers will experience buyer’s remorse once hidden issues begin to present themselves. However, there is an inspection service that can be executed in the current market that provides a much-needed layer of technical information to help the buyer feel more confident in their decision-making: the walk-through consultation. Below I answer some common questions we receive about walk-through consultations.

Walk-Through Consultations

Answers to commonly asked questions

What is a walk-through consultation?

A walk-through consultation, aka “walk and talk,” is an on-site consultation with an experienced home inspector. The inspector will perform an abbreviated visual inspection of the home and report any findings directly to the client or agent. The entire process takes about an hour on a typical home.

Due to the flexibility of this format, the inspection process can be highly-tailored to meet the needs of the client or the house. For instance, the inspector could place additional focus on the foundation wall if this is a primary area of concern for the potential buyer. If no specific instructions are given, the inspector will use their experience and knowledge of the house type and age to create an effective plan. Our goal is to prioritize the inspection of components or systems with a high failure rate or an expensive repair cost over more commonplace issues.

Is this a pass-fail inspection?

I have heard clients refer to this type of consultation as a “pass-fail” inspection, but the term is being misused when applied to this service. In reality, the term “pass-fail” describes the client’s intended use of the results rather than the type of inspection. As home inspectors, our role is never to make decisions for you. We simply give buyers the tools to make more informed decisions.

Will I receive a written report?

All information gathered during the consultation will be delivered verbally to the client or agent. The client is welcome to take pictures of items pointed out by the inspector, take detailed notes, or record the overview with the inspector.

When is the right time for a walk-through consultation?

A walk-through consultation could be performed at any point in the home-buying process; however, most clients choose to get a consultation before making an offer. I have conducted consultations alongside showings and even during open houses. The possibilities are limited only by the flexibility of the seller-side.

Is this a replacement for a home inspection?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. We recommend that consultations be followed up with a traditional home inspection after closing. A consultation is intended to reveal significant red-flag issues, whereas a home inspection will provide information about less severe items that need attention. The most cost-effective way to address a potentially large issue is to find them and fix them while they’re still small.

What does a walk-through consultation cost?

For most houses, the consultation costs $250 and takes roughly an hour to complete, including the discussion of the findings. If the client and the inspector feel that more time is needed, additional hours can be scheduled at a rate of $150 per hour.


Regardless of the market climate, homebuyers should use every available tool to protect themselves against unwanted surprises. Listings and showings can give shoppers a false sense of confidence in the condition of a home. Disclosure documents only contain information the seller is aware of or is legally bound to disclose. Walk-through consultations are an effective and, in many instances, the only means of getting deeper information to plug into your home-buying equation.


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