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We’re Open for Business!

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Blog

New Company, Experienced Inspectors

BNA Home Inspection recently opened its doors as Nashville’s newest full-service home inspection company, but owner Richard Taylor has been inspecting homes in the Nashville area since 2013. During that time, Richard worked in a leadership role at a well-reviewed, local multi-inspector firm. His position there required him to wear a variety of hats with duties including:

  • Inspecting residential and commercial properties
  • Performing environmental testing procedures (radon testing, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Mold sampling, collection of samples for lead, asbestos, and water testing)
  • Training of new home inspectors
  • Development and refinement of inspection protocols
  • Serving as leader and technical/knowledge support for the inspection team
  • Partnering with the client care team to improve workflow
  • Fostering and maintenance of a positive company culture
  • Development of company infrastructure, including specialized software development
  • Answering technical questions for clients and agents
  • Whatever else needed to be done

His years of experience in all aspects of the home inspection business give him a strong base on which to build a successful company and provide excellent service to his customers. The latter is his primary focus.

“It is not my goal to be the biggest company in town. It is more important to me that we provide a service we can be proud of, knowing that we give every customer exceptional quality and value.”

Richard Taylor, Owner/Inspector

Our Services

We inspect houses. Home inspection is the core of our business. It is what we do best and will always be the centerpiece of our service offerings. Radon testing is, in our view, equally important. For that reason, we recommend radon testing with every home inspection no matter the age of the home, the type of home, the type of foundation, and regardless of the absence or presence of a radon mitigation system. We put emphasis on these two services because we believe they should be performed 100% of the time. We also offer an extensive list of off-menu inspection services, but choose to take a more measured approach than most other companies. Put more clearly, we won’t try to sell additional services to you until we have evidence that you need them. We can provide or facilitate most any inspection service offered by other companies. If you would like to talk about our available services, please call and speak to an inspector at 615-200-7127.

Our Blog

Please check in on our blog from time to time. We’ll be writing a variety of articles for homeowners, potential customers, and home inspectors of all experience levels. You can expect home-related articles, maintenance tips, reviews, and even some surprisingly candid opinions about the home inspection industry.

Thanks for Visiting BNA Home Inspection!

Committed to our clients

BNA Home Inspection is committed to helping you, our client, navigate the complicated process of buying or selling a home. Our assistance begins when you reach our website or speak to one of our inspectors and continues for as long as you need us. We hope you'll consider us as a friendly, knowledgeable resource as you buy, maintain, and improve your home. We are constantly looking for new ways to serve you because we unquestionably believe that exceptional customer service is what separates us from the rest.

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