Walk Through Consultation

Walk-Through Consultations

For Home-buyers
Over the past two years, the pandemic has added numerous challenges to the already difficult pursuit of buying a home. The red-hot Nashville housing market has further complicated the undertaking by ramping up the speed at which homes sell. As a workaround, some buyers have opted to accept significant financial risk by forgoing a home inspection and purchasing a house on an “as is” basis.

While we recommend that a complete home inspection be performed before any purchase, we understand that this is not always possible in the current climate. When a standard home inspection is not an option, we strongly recommend that buyers consider hiring us for a walk-through consultation as a minimum level of protection against major issues.

A walk-through consultation is an abbreviated visual-only assessment of the home in which information is relayed directly to the client. The client or their representation will need to be on-site for the duration of the consultation to take notes and photos as recommended by the inspector. No written report is provided for walk-through consultations.

For the average-sized home, the consultation will last for approximately one hour and focus primarily on components or systems with a high failure rate or cost of repair. In addition, our experienced home inspector will tailor their process to the style and age of the house. In essence, we approach the home as we would if we were the buyer. For more information about the process, call today to speak to an inspector.

For Investors
Walk-through consultations can be a money-saving method of gaining insight into the condition of potential purchases without incurring the cost of a complete home inspection per property. We can work with you to schedule consultations at multiple addresses within a tight timeframe to quickly help you gauge the viability of each property.

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BNA Home Inspection is committed to helping you, our client, navigate the complicated process of buying or selling a home. Our assistance begins when you reach our website or speak to one of our inspectors and continues for as long as you need us. We hope you'll consider us as a friendly, knowledgeable resource as you buy, maintain, and improve your home. We are constantly looking for new ways to serve you because we unquestionably believe that exceptional customer service is what separates us from the rest.

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