Short Term Rental Property

Nashville Short Term Rental Property Inspection (STRP)

If you are in need of a Nashville short term rental property inspection to help you acquire your permit, we can help.

As of March 1st, 2022, the required inspection for single and two-family short-term homes will no longer be exclusively performed by the Nashville Fire Marshall’s office. The inspection can now be performed by state-licensed engineers, architects, or home inspectors. Since March, we have successfully helped many investors secure their certificates to complete the permit process

STRP Inspection Process


The Inspection

During the inspection, we verify that the property is in compliance with the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County, TN Code of Ordinances § 6.28.030.A.5.b and § 6.28.030.B.5.b, as well as 2018 Fire Code. The steps involved in this stage of the inspection are listed below. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

  1. We verify that the street numbers for the property are appropriately-sized and visible from the street.
  2. We confirm that all smoke alarms meet Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 217 standards in compliance with IFC 907.2.11 and NFPA 72. During this step, we verify that:
    • Smoke alarms are present in all sleeping areas.
    • Smoke alarms are present in every room in the path of the means of egress from the sleeping areas to the door exiting the living unit.
    • Smoke alarms are present in each story within the sleeping unit, including basements.
    • Smoke alarms are located no closer than 3 feet to any air diffuser (return air vents, ceiling fans, or window units).
    • Smoke alarms are interconnected per 2012 ifc fire code 907.2.11.3.
  3. We inspect all Emergency Escape & Rescue windows for compliance with egress window requirements in the 2018 International Residential Code and 2018 Fire Code.

Create the Floor Plan

After completing the inspection, we create a floor plan of each floor of the dwelling including all rooms and location of windows, doors, and smoke detectors.

Nashville SHort Term Rental Property Inspection

Your Report

Lastly, we create a report with each page signed and certified by a state-licensed home inspector. The completed report will be sent to you within 24 hours of the scheduled inspection.


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Nashville Short Term Rental Property

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