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Home Inspection Is What We Do Best!


We take great pride in the effort and forethought that has gone into the refinement of our home inspection process. We perform every inspection using strategies and techniques developed over years of inspecting homes and businesses in the Nashville area. In that time, we’ve seen all that Nashville has to offer: “tall skinnies,” turn-of-the-century craftsman homes, sprawling Belle Meade ranches, high-rise condos, among many other home types, each with their own unique set of quirks and concerns. The knowledge and experience we have gained from these houses help us identify often overlooked issues that are not obvious to the layperson or less-seasoned inspector.

Along with our knowledge of homes, we use the latest technologies to go a step further. We can pilot drones over inaccessible areas of the roof or chimney to provide aerial photographs of hidden areas. Thermal imaging cameras are used on every inspection as a means of finding evidence of defects that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. We will use all available means to ensure you have a great home inspection experience.

Aerial roof photo from Nashville home inspection

We send out detailed home inspection reports within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection, including descriptions of issues that we found, high-quality images, illustrations, and recommendations to guide you in your next steps.

Once you have thoroughly read the report, the inspector will be available to answer any questions you may have. As an added perk, we are happy to provide answers to any home-related questions that come up after you purchase your home. We are here for as long as you need us!

Specialty Inspections

In addition to our standard home inspections, we offer specialized inspections, such as walk-through consultations and pre-drywall inspections. We can even tailor a custom inspection to your needs.

All BNA Home Inspections are performed in accordance with the Tennessee Standards of Practice.

What We Inspect


  • Roof, chimney, flashing, valleys
  • Siding, trim, & windows
  • Gutters & downspouts
  • Driveways, patios, decks, & porches


  • Attic – Visible roof sheathing, ventilation, insulation, and framing
  • Basement or crawlspace – Foundation & piers, insulation, framing, and ventilation systems
  • Walls, floors, ceilings, and windows


  • Plumbing systems – All visible fixtures, pipes, and drains
  • Electrical systems – Service entrance cables, service panel, distribution panels, visible wiring, lighting, and receptacles
  • Heating & Cooling systems

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual-only inspection of a home and its major systems. Our inspectors search for safety issues, installation errors, and systems or components not functioning as intended. The result of our efforts is delivered to you in an easy-to-understand PDF format with helpful illustrations, images, and guidance.

Thermal Imaging

As one of the many tools in our inspection arsenal, we perform a thermal imaging scan with state-of-the-art Flir™ cameras as a free service with every home inspection. In the hands of a trained inspector, thermal cameras provide valuable clues about plumbing leaks, roof leaks, insulation levels, and many other potential problems. No, we can’t see through walls, but thermal imaging is the next best thing.

All Kinds of Houses

All houses are not created equally. Homes of different ages, building types, or even neighborhoods must be inspected with knowledge of the problems commonly associated with their kind. Inspecting the things that are common to all homes will only get you part of the way there. If your inspector doesn’t know “wattle” from “daub” or “mullions” from “muntins,” you may not be getting the whole picture.

Committed to our clients

BNA Home Inspection is committed to helping you, our client, navigate the complicated process of buying or selling a home. Our assistance begins when you reach our website or speak to one of our inspectors and continues for as long as you need us. We hope you'll consider us as a friendly, knowledgeable resource as you buy, maintain, and improve your home. We are constantly looking for new ways to serve you because we unquestionably believe that exceptional customer service is what separates us from the rest.

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